Jake Popham

Full Stack Data Scientist

Source Code

Sharing is caring. All of my personal work is open source. Whether you want to contribute to a project, use it for something new, or just curious how I did something, you are free to access whatever you like.

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Reports and Visualizations

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but why stop there? A well designed chart or graph can elucidate the underlying patterns over millions of data points. If you're more interested in the "what" than the "how", you can find project overviews in my portfolio, and reports of interesting findings in my blog.

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How do I stack up against the largest community of data scientists on the web? Kaggle hosts competitions to solve valuable real world problems. In just a few short months, I've managed to a crack the top 0.5% of competitors.

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Clustering NHL Players

Analyzing the NHL Draft

Identifying Users Across Multiple Devices

Search Result Relevance

Liberty Mutual Property Inspection

MNIST Digit Recognition

Searching for the τ → 3μ Decay

Predicting Industrial Tube Prices

Grasp and Lift EEG Detection

Avito Context Ad Clicks

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